Clouded Visions

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Size: 60ml

Strength: Ready To Vape 
VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
Ingredients: PG, VG, Natural and Artificial Flavours.
Does NOT contain nicotine.

Blossy: Blosy makes for the perfect summer vape. A seriously refreshing blend of apple cider, pear and lemonade with a dash of elderflower, mint and gin. It's a little bit fancy.

Cinnamon Glaze: A rich and sweet bakery style vape, a lovely hybrid between the two best types of doughnut, with the warmth and spice of a freshly baked cinnamon doughnut paired with the sugary sweet coating of a glazed doughnut. Rich and sweet on the inhale, with a lasting after taste of warm baked goods.

Fizz Bomb: That unforgettable sweet lemon hard candy we all know, coupled with that delicious fizzy sherbet we all love!

Frosted Berry: A fusion of various types of berry, dominated by Blueberry and Boysenberry with hints of both Raspberry and Blackberry. Sweet and slightly tart, this is a complex flavour that is constantly evolving with age.

Geeks (Raspberry/Lemon): Everybody's favourite cereal vape. Sweet and sugary Loops, without the harsh Citrus, complete with a sweet, milky finish. The ultimate Loops.

Geeks (Strawberry/Grape): A favourite of ours growing up, with that instantly recognisable distinctive flavour that's sure to bring out the Nerd in all of us.

Geeks (Watermelon/Apple): A favourite of ours growing up, with that instantly recognisable distinctive flavour that's sure to bring out the Nerd in all of us.

Juddy: Simply the perfect lemon cheesecake. Smooth and sweet, Juddy incorporates thick, creamy cheesecake and a light buttery biscuit base, laced with beautiful, sweet, no skin, no rind, lemon. This is NOT the taste of cheesecake followed by biting into a whole lemon, this is a lemon cheesecake. This is Juddy.

Limed: For the lime lovers and not for the faint hearted. A powerful punch of sweet lime that will make your tongue and lips tingle. A real palate cleanser.

Melondramatic: A complex and intricate amalgamation of a variety of types of melon and accompanying tropical fruits, strong but not overly sweet, this juice makes a fantastic all day vape.

Peacheena: Sweet and fragrant, with the slight tartness of the skin a freshly ripened peach at the forefront, followed by nice punch of nectarine and a subtle note of watermelon in the background, all the makings of a great summer vape.

Rainbow: Another universal favourite, a candied, skittle-esque flavour, with a slight fizzy twist!

The Fat Stack: Delicious, fluffy pancakes topped with a rich, decadent maple syrup, golden butter and a dash of cream. the breakfast of champions.

The Red Heifer: The long awaited companion to the ever popular Pink Heifer and a favourite amongst the Kiwis! Shares the same ever evolving thick, vanilla cream we all love from the Pink Heifer, accompanied by a perfectly blended selection of strong, sweet raspberry.

Worms: Self explanatory really. We all know them, we all love them, so get ready for that sweet and tangy sensation from eating every colour at the same time.