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Alien coils are best known for their wide surface area and superior wicking ability, allowing for more cloud production more often. These triple 27 gauge all n80 aliens settle in around 0.11 ohm dual coil. They come with a 3mm internal diameter (I.D) and parallel legs as shown in the pictures. They offer fast ramp up and a smooth vape.


You will receive 2 hand made Alien Clapton coils per pack. All coils are cleaned thoroughly before being packaged. Angry Pixie Vape uses only high quality Sandvik wire to ensure a quality vaping experience without the harmful filler material inferior wire is known for. Given resistances are a guide only. The length of the coil legs, the atomiser, ohm meter or even the mod you are using can all affect the final resistance of the coils.


Angry Pixie coils are tested on a DNA250C chip. To ensure longevity of your coils, it's advised to install your coils and work the hotspots out on a regulated mod at low watts and never pulse them white hot. To clean your coils simply remove the atomiser from your mod, remove the cotton and rinse the deck under warm water. Once the deck is dry, put it back on a regulated mod and dry fire the coils to burn off any juice residue.


For a detailed instructional video on installing alien coils, please visit A strong knowledge and understanding of ohm's law and battery safety is critical. Please follow Mooch's battery guides and use only safe builds for your given batteries