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Size: 60ml
Strength: Ready To Vape
VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
Ingredients: PG, VG, Natural and Artificial Flavours.
Does NOT contain nicotine.


- The Pav: Enjoy Australia's favourite Christmas dessert all year round with The Pav!
There's nothing mysterious about this one. Fluffy, creamy meringue with the classic combo of strawberry, passionfruit and juicy kiwifruit.
This flavour strikes the perfect balance for lovers of both creamy and fruity flavours, and one we can't seem to put down...

- The Cobbler: Baked apple, crusty pastry, vanilla custard and a touch of cinnamon.
Our current ADV, The Cobbler is a balance between fruity, creamy and dessert-y goodness.

- The Bounty: Keeping with our habit of recreating the most delicious things in the world, we present The Bounty.
Sweetened coconut upfront, with a hit of hazelnut milk chocolate.
If you're a fan of choc-coconut goodness, you might want to stock up on this one.

- The Badboy: Ruby red grapefruit, pineapple juice, gin and fresh mint.
The Badboy was a cocktail born of a horrid hangover at the pub one lazy Sunday afternoon in Balmain.
The old fellas with their schooners of Reschs mocked us and our pink concoctions, but we were too deep in flavour country to care.

- Custard Tart: Nimbus have finally added a custard flavour to the roster! We had to spice it up a little bit though, being the Portuguese tart fiends we are.
A baked vanilla custard base, sweet pastry and rich toffee notes make this a delicious and well-rounded custard vape.
Pair this with your morning coffee and you're headed straight to flavour country.

- Peach Melba: Peach Melba is a dessert created in honour of the great Australian opera singer, Dame Nellie Melba.
This is a primarily fruity vape of ripe peaches and raspberry sauce, with subtle notes of delicious vanilla bean ice-cream.

- Iced Vovo: The Iced Vovo is one of Australia's most beloved bikkies, best enjoyed with a cuppa out on the verandah.
Our recreation delivers the raspberry jam, pink marshmallow, sweet cookie and toasted coconut combination you know and love.

- Apricot Delight: Based off the little cubes of joy you'd always convince yourself contained more fruit than sugar, we present Apricot Delight!
Ripe and dried apricot, candied coconut and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Just like you remember it.

- Spider Sauce: Spider Sauce is a doozy. Not quite a dessert, not quite a beverage, just a damn tasty vape.
Combining red soda and creamy vanilla ice cream, this flavour is fruity, fizzy, creamy and totally addictive.

- Tubbs ADV: "Just give me that flavour with this contraption, and I'm done with smoking." These were the words of a friend after vaping a Nautilus Mini / iStick combo with this All Day Vape. A perfect balance of mint varieties, with a light caramel sweetness to smooth it out. Delicious and refreshing from morning till night.

- Mint Slice: Everyone's favourite chocolate bikkies, now in vapour form!
Chocolately, biscuity goodness with a hit of refreshing peppermint.
Time to relive your best memories of sitting on Grandma's couch with a full packet of the good stuff.

- Jam Dizzle: What's more delicious than a sugary doughnut?
A sugary doughnut stuffed with jam of course!
This flavour is all about the mouth-filling cinnamon doughnut taste, with the sweetness of strawberry jam on the exhale.

- Eton Mess: It's a mess, the whole thing is a mess!
A delicious recreation of a traditional English dessert.
Ripe strawberries, whipped cream, sweet meringue and strawberry syrup. Boom!

- Coffee Cake: Coffee: The most important meal of the day.
Wake up with our blend of espresso, sponge cake, vanilla and 2 sugars.
Caffeine free, but just as addictive!

- Carmen Miranda: Affectionately named after everyone's favourite Brazilian samba dancer [citation needed], and pioneer of that awesome fruit hat.
The Carmen Miranda is all about making a vapeable fruit salad. A balanced mix of berries and tropical fruits, with a creamy sweetness.
Grab this if you're looking for something fresh, fruity and lively.

- Sticky Date Pudding: The one dessert no one can refuse a serve of.
We took many ounces of super-sweet sponge cake and soak it in rich, creamy butterscotch, then we top it off with dried fruit and icing sugar.

- Bubba Gump Grape: I gotta find [Hubba] Bubba! - Forrest Gump. We've made this flavour out of respect for everyone's favourite bubble gum. So good you couldn't chew the things for more than half a minute without swallowing it out of delight.
This flavour is just as you remember it. Sweet, sour and grapey. All the benefits without looking like a man-child with a packet of Hubba Bubba.