The Fog Clown

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Size: 60ml
Strength: Ready To Vape
VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
Ingredients: PG, VG, Natural and Artificial Flavours.
Does NOT contain nicotine.


- Lykos: A blend of sweet lychee and dark blackcurrant that will freeze you away to heaven. The cool combo will make you clown for more!

- Mojos: The refreshing Mojos is an incarnation of the signature mango mojito cocktail. This wicked blend makes the combination of the vibrant flavours of mint, lime and a hint of mango, a taste that will haunt you forever!

- Sajos: A kiss of strawberry and kiwi goodness, re-created by clowns!

- Pinkos: Pinkos is a funky blend of lemons, mixed berries and sodas. Experience a kick of frozen refreshing lemonade with a twist of juicy mixed berries. Best served on a hot summer by the beach, have a taste of pink!

- Gallo: Gallo is a grape and aloe vera mix, the refreshment you can't find in a circus!

- Barmon: Behold the flavour from the famous drink. It tastes exactly like a sweet barley lemon juice with an extra kick of freshness. Love how it sounds? Barmon will love you more!